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""Change requires new thinking. In order to change, we must learn the truth and start making good choices, but we also must change the way we think, if you want to change the way you act, you start by changing the way you think.
In addition, if you want to change the way you feel, you must start with the way you think."
Rick Warren



At Qui Solutions we want to motivate you!

I can motivate you to make changes to the way you think, so that your thinking allows you to make good, sound choices which benefit you, those choices will have an impact on the way you feel and have a positive impact on your life. All of this starts and ends with motivation, as we need the motivation to do something in the first place.

As a teacher within Secondary School I found that many of the students I came across did not enjoy learning, some did not want to learn and others did but did not enjoy the process of learning; the rules, the homework, examinations, teacher's attitudes, the curriculum, the list was endless; these factors seemed to demotivate children and some of the brightest learners just did not have the motivation to learn. Others felt that 3x + 2y was not going to serve them later on in life, and that the skills that were (how to manage bills, how to change a lightbulb, how to be confident and assertive) just simply were not taught. I was fustrated by this, and the pressures of the curriculum, league tables and management targets and attainment goals meant that there was very little emphasis on motivation.  There wasn't room for teaching childen how to pay bills, how to pay them on time or negotiate if you have fallen on hard times and can not pay that bill in full on the date it is due. It was if education was not about real life.

My experiences within secondary education made me think more and more about motivation, inspiration and innovation, as my original reason for choosing a career in education was not just to educate, but to impress, inpsire and prepare young minds for discovery and excitment. I wanted to create supportive learning environments which were fun and inspiring, develop confidence and useful skills within their heads and compassion, empathy and understanding within their hearts. I now do this using one-to-one tutor sessions, workshops, talks and training courses. I still teach from time to time and lecture at further education colleges.


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